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    Longyan City, Fujian Xintong Transport Machinery Co., Ltd. was established with the transmission in 2006, Fujian Province is the first professional production of high precision roller conveyor belt manufacturing company, the annual production capacity of 200,000, the company adopted the advanced manufacturing equipment roller (automatic pressure roller installed; steel double automatic car hole tools; automatic welding machine double roller, etc.).Manufactured with a rotating roller resistance, good concentricity, runout and high load carrying capacity of small, fine dust and water resistance; cold rolled steel by the stamping roller bearing, roller special steel, high-precision cold drawn round well-known brands of steel and roller bearing manufacturer dedicated a large clearance, advanced manufacturing technology to ensure the roller life. At the same time supporting the production of conveyor belt drive roller to the roller in the head and tail frame and tensioning devices; current products have been widely used in cement, ports, power plants, coal mines, mining and other industries.
    The company \u0026quot;the pursuit of quality excellence, manufacturing quality products\u0026quot; as the production of quality policy, quality products, excellent service, preferential price \u0026quot;three excellent\u0026quot; business approach to the scientific quality assurance system, high-quality workforce, as users provide quality products and comprehensive services.
    Roller Specifications: Diameter :60-219mm; length :190-2200mm;
    drum specifications: diameter :320-800mm; length :600-1600mm;
    Xin ideal with roller welcome to order
    can be customized according to user requirements

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